2019 edition

The first ever “Aixquise” event : packed with emotions and sportsmanship !

Climalife and its trusted partners set sail this year for the Charente-Maritime region of France, for the 27th Voiles du Froid regatta. Starting from the port of Les Minimes marina in La Rochelle, the 20 European crews involved in the competition demonstrated their agility and technical skills as they sailed for three days around the island of Île-d’Aix and the iconic Fort Boyard.

Buffeted by forceful winds

As soon as they set sail, the refrigeration and air conditioning professionals showed no lack of puff and rapidly revealed their talents as sailors with really powerful buoy turns and exciting spinnaker finishes. The diverse fleet of sail boats threw up different second- and third-place finishers in each stage, but it was impossible to compete with the “Hungary Romania” team, which made its mark in all five sponsored races. As is only proper, they took home the Voiles du Froid trophy for their sporting achievements after coming first for the second consecutive year.

A warm and tranquil atmosphere and the search for Napoleon’s lost treasure

Spending time on the island of Île-d’Aix, with its Napoleonic past and its maritime setting, is a real privilege. The refreshing welcome at Café de l’Océan revitalised our sailors, who were thrilled to share in the culinary specialities on offer and to put the world to rights as they gathered around an oyster bar and enjoyed a delightful, off-beat and contemporary musical cabaret featuring the group Sophie et les petits bonheurs.
The Emperor’s regatta also enabled them to explore this little island, which is 3 km long and 700 m wide. During this tactical and tactile challenge, they had a chance to admire remarkable natural sites by bicycle and the Matelex boat emerged as the winner.

A triumphant tribute to the creator of the event

Created in 1993 by Climalife – Groupe Dehon, at the initiative of one of its dedicated employees; Michel Pralon, the Voiles du Froid has, over the years become an essential event in our business sector. There were many emotional tributes to mark his final appearance as a “founding father” and member of the organising committee. The customised spinnaker bearing his likeness which was created for this occasion has already been submitted for the next edition!


Winner of the Voiles du Froid 2019 regatta :

Hungary-Romania Boat

“I think the advantage our boat had over the others was our captain’s preparedness and expertise and, of course, the commitment of the crew, which really put wind in our sails.”
Kornél Bakonyi, Hungary, winner.

2nd place:

Eurovent Certita Certification 1 Boat

3rd place :

Friax Industrie Boat


(Re)live the 2019 edition.

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We would like to thank all our partners and customers for making this edition of Voiles du Froid an exceptional sporting weekend, one that took place in a spirit of teamwork, sharing and friendship.