From Lorient to the Isle of Groix!

This 29th adventure, which took place on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of june 2023, led us to the island of Groix, a small island located off the coast of Brittany France, known for its breathtaking scenery, its steep cliffs, its convex beach “Les grands sables”, which make this small “rock” a unique place in Europe.

Over the years, the island of Groix has retained its authenticity. The fishermen’s houses built entirely of stone, as well as the colourful facades, are legion.


is primarily a story of people

Climalife –  Group Dehon started hosting the Voiles du Froid event in 1993; it was the initiative of one of its enthusiast employees. Over the years it’s become a key event for refrigeration and air conditioning professionals. Like-minded people from across France, Europe and beyond, meet every year for three days. Each has a passion for adventure, cultural interest and a desire to break records. In strong team spirit, they race through the waters of Brittany and the Mediterranean, where each of them has their own role to perform. Sportsmanship and conviviality are the essence of this event.

An event created by

“Un rendez-vous professionnel extraordinaire.”


Fabulous, extraordinary, gorgeous and friendly

Export boat, 2018

“Meeting new friends, fruitful discussions, nice sailing.”


“On ne peut pas réussir tout seul, c’est une équipe qui réussit.”

Paul Ricard,

A look back at
previous editions


It’s thanks to them that the Voiles du Froid exists


The event “Voiles du Froid” is organised and coordinated by a small group of employees from Climalife – dehon group: the Voiles du Froid commission. These people with diverse missions are involved in this large-scale project.


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